Welcome, I am so excited to share information about The Goddess Festival: Oshun Returns!  January 29th will kick off the first event for the festival; an Oshun Returns Session the last sunday of the month.  These sessions are a judgement free &  safe space to explore topics of body image, sexuality, and self-confidence especially as they pertain to Black women.  The sessions include yoga, creative activities, and meditation,  along with different discussion topics each month.

The Oshun Returns Sessions provide a calm & relaxing atmosphere to reconnect with your inner “Goddess”.  I see the classes as a rejuvenation session before starting your week.  Refreshments are offered at each class and end with what I’ve coined the “Goddess Walk”.   All the women walk in a circle around the room as I throw rose petals at their feet.  During the walk we envision ourselves as the Goddesses we are, worthy of love, respect, and joy!  Its proven to be a powerful gesture to remind each woman that they are a Goddess.

Exact Brooklyn Location and Time Coming Soon!

Goddess Walk